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Abdur Rehman

Top Rated Freelancer, Awarded Blogger, Trainer

Jahangir Haider

Microsoft Specialist, Basic IT Expert, Motivational Trainer

Hamza Rashid

Top Rated Freelancer, Lead Generation Expert, Digital Marketer

Nimra Khan

ANSO scholarship awardee for 3 years, UCAS-Nust Scholarship Awardee

Success Stories

$ 21,000

Tauqeer Zia

$ 3,500

Asma Aziz

$ 5,800

Umaira Ahmed

$ 16,500

Athar Kamal

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Frequently Asked Question

-Every one interested to learn freelancing can apply for our courses.

Course will consist of 20 Lectures.
Classes will be on weekend (FRI-SAT-SUN). Meanwhile, Our support team will be available for support through out the week !

–Apply through the google form available on the website.
–Pay the fees on the accounts mentioned on the website and google form.
–Send a paid receipt on our support number mentioned on website.
–Team will contact you and will add you to WhatsApp and Facebook group for classes. 

Yes, certificates will be provided upon successful completion of a course.

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